Sail & Golf in Greece

Golf & Sail Cruises

Mediterranean travel for executives who want to develop and relax in a unique environment.

Adventure and Coaching Impulses

Sailing and golfing
with personal development

Special sailing tours for a select group of executives who want to enjoy an unforgettable combination of sailing and golfing, while also advancing their personal development. As professional coaching trips our cruises are tax deductible.

With all the luxurious amenities and sophisticated cuisine, you will drop anchor in a different bay or port every day. Meanwhile you will play the three most beautiful and impressive golf courses on the Peloponnese.

Die Besatzung der Running on Waves
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Did you know that our cruises are tax deductible as professional coaching?

Luxury three-master

meets the highest internationally certified safety standards and offers individual luxury and style to the smallest detail.


The golf courses that Golf and Sail Cruises calls at are among the most impressive on the coasts of the Mediterranean.


In addition to the whirlpool & several areas to relax, various water sports and excursions await you.


An exclusive group of distinguished fellow travellers in leadership positions for mutual exchange


Sailing and golfing as a way of life

Customer comments

The best days of the year


Tradition meets modernity

The classic clipper with an impressive silhouette in a stylish design offers individual luxury and style down to the smallest detail, and thus a flair for travellers who are looking for something extraordinary.

Luxury three-master

The manoeuvrability of a sports yacht combined with plenty of space to the high standard of a luxury cruise in the 100 A5 (GL) ocean class.

Professional crew

A crew of 22 looks after your personal well-being around the clock.

Luxurious cabins

A king-size bed and a cosy sitting area with panoramic windows for breathtaking views

Limited spots

We allocate a maximum of 25 guest spots for the trip.


Active Enjoyment

Introducing ourselves

The Crew

Dorothee Feitsma

I am an entrepreneur and love to launch new ideas like GOLF and SAIL CRUISES when I’m not on the golf course or on Berlin’s waters.

Burkhard Günther

When I’m not writing a new textbook or helping people strengthen their resources, I like to join my wife.