The idea. The ship.

Running on Waves - tradition meets modern

The idea. The ship.

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We hate mediocre cruises!

And we are anything but!


The sailing cruise yacht,Running on Waves, is one of the most modern and exclusive luxury three-master on the world market.

This classic clipper, built in 2011, with an impressive silhouette in a stylish design, meets the highest global certified safety standards and offers individual luxury and style down to the smallest detail. A flair for travelers who are looking for something very special.

The limitation to no more than 30 guests leaves every individual freedom to relax and unwind. The 22-strong crew, plus GOLF and SAIL CRUISES tour guides take care of your personal well-being around the clock.

The whirlpool, yoga offers or water sports (water skiing, surfboards, kayaks, snorkeling equipment) let you relax and unwind.
Listen as this masterpiece of modern shipbuilding, crowned the most beautiful sailing ship of the 21st century, glides silently through the waves. A climb into the masts or the pursuit of the route with expert explanation are just as possible as a professional instruction in the sailing technique and navigation. It’s best to control the Running on Waves yourself once.

A maximum of 45 passengers can be accommodated in 18 maritime-style furnished outer cabins with private bathroom.
All outer cabins in category A-B3 are located on the main deck. A king-size bed and a cozy seating area with panoramic windows for breathtaking views, offers you all comfort to relax and revive. The cabins in category C-D, located on the Tween Deck, present an oceanview through bull’s-eyes.

Main Deck

cabin 2 + 3 16 sqm mit Kingsize-bed
cabin 4 18 sqm mit Kingsize-bed
cabin 5 Mini-Suite 20 sqm mit Kingsize-bed
cabin 6 14 sqm mit Kingsize-bed

Tween Deck

cabins 14 + 15 + 21 12 sqm with single beds
cabins 16 + 17 +18 12 sqm with Double bed
cabins 19 + 23 + 25 + 27 12 sqm with single beds
cabin 29 11 sqm with Double bed
cabins 22 + 24 11 sqm with single beds

Technical specifications

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Running on waves a power sailing ship

The Running on Waves is a Barquentine, exploring the world’s oceans since 2011. Home port is Limassol in Cyprus. Under her impressive rig with 13 sails and a total of 1,200 square meters of sail area, cruises can accommodate up to 45 passengers. The Running on Waves meets the highest safety standards and offers a lot of comfort for her guests. A professional crew is always at your service and takes attentively care of your wishes.

Length: 64,00 m
Width: 9,00 m
Draft: 3,20 m
Height of the upper deck: 6,00 m
Displacement: 656 tonnes
Mast height: max. 43,40 m
Hull: Steel 8 mm
Year of Construction: 2011
Sail area: 1.200 sqm
Main machine: Volvo Penta D16MH
Propeller diameter: 3,20 m
Max. speed: 18 knots under machine
Generators: 2 x Volvo Penta
Side thruster: 2 x Verhaar Omega
Electricity: 230 V AC, 24 V DC
Classification: High Seafreight 100 A5 (GL)