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"Running on Waves"


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Running on Waves

Tradition meets modernity

The sailing cruise yacht Running on Waves is one of the most modern and exclusive luxury three-masters worldwide.

This classic clipper, manufactured in 2011, with an impressive silhouette in a stylish design, meets the highest worldwide certified safety standards and offers individual luxury and style down to the smallest detail.

The restriction to no more than 25 guests gives each individual space to relax and unwind.

The crew of 22 as well as the GOLF and SAIL CRUISES tour guide will take care of your personal well-being around the clock.

One of the most modern and most exclusive yachts on the market

The yacht

A sailing cruise yacht combines luxury with proximity to the elements of nature, making it a sustainable alternative to cruise ships.


Over 1200 square metres of sail area, 64 metres long and 9 metres wide, 13 sails. Why don't you steer the Running on Waves yourself for a little while?

Activities on board

Water skiing, surfboards, kayaks, underwater scooters, fishing equipment, climbing the masts, hovering over the bowsprit.


The ship offers places to unwind such as a jacuzzi and a sun deck.



A maximum of 25 guests travel with GOLF und SAIL CRUISES in 18 maritime-style outside cabins with en-suite bathrooms.

All outside cabins of category A, B and C are located on the Main Deck. A king-size bed and a cosy sitting area with panoramic windows for breathtaking views offers you all the comfort you need to relax and unwind. Category C and D cabins on the Tween Deck offer a perfect view of the sea.

The yacht

The exclusivity

Limited to 25 guests during the GOLF and SAIL CRUISES, each guest has plenty of individual space to retreat and relax. The uplifting feeling of being on a large megayacht can be expressed in numbers:

Over 16 sqm/person of teak space on deck – three times more than on the world’s most expensive cruise ships – plus a 22-strong crew and the GOLF and SAIL CRUISES team to look after your personal well-being around the clock.

The manoeuvrability of a sports yacht combined with plenty of space to the high standard of a luxury cruise in ocean class 100 A5 (GL) – the Running on Waves is a masterpiece of modern shipbuilding, which has led the media to crown her the most beautiful sailing ship of the 21st century.


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Main Deck
Tween Deck
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Which cabin would you prefer?

Cabin A

Suite, outside cabin, king-size bed, 20sqm

Cabin B

Mini-suite, outside cabin, king-size bed, 18sqm

Cabin C

De-luxe outside cabin, king-size bed, 16sqm

Cabin D

Outside cabin, double/single bed, 12sqm